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Tech Sells

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It looks like the U.S. IT market is going to see an 8.4 percent "rise in spending this year," according to CNET.

This is because tech sells. Watch iPad porn here. (Like most porn, the movie is way too long.)

Big Brother Apple has stepped up its pissing contest with Big Brother Google as they fight for world domination. According to CNET, Google's attempt to "outdo Apple's iPhone with its Android software" is being punished by Apple who's "taking aim at Google's bread-and-butter--online advertising--with plans to introduce a mobile advertising platform called iAd."

I for one am so excited to be able to access my ads anywhere anytime. I'm sick of waiting till I get home to see those epileptic seizure-producing pop-ups.

And Little Baby Brother Adobe is still smarting over Apple excluding "Flash and other Adobe technologies in Apple's portable devices."

Adobe Platform Evangelist Lee Brimelow says, "Personally I will not be giving Apple another cent of my money until there is a leadership change, over there." So let me get this straight... You want Steve Jobs to find a replacement for himself? Last I checked God wasn't on the job market (yet).

And Brimelow ends the blog post by saying, "Go screw yourself Apple." (And he sticks out his tongue too, but you can't see that online).

Lastly, Apple adds multitasking to its next version of the iPhone OS 4. According to Windows IT Pro there will be "100 new features" like iBook and an Xbox-like gaming center.

So now you can change lanes at 60 MPH, read an iBook, and play video games all at the same time. This should make my morning commute so much more interesting.

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