01/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Feeling Left Out

This past weekend at my house my roommates had some friends over to watch the Redskins game. I thought that it was just going to be a little get together, but there ended up being a whole lot more people than I expected. They already had two friends over, and one of my roommates' boyfriends was there as well. I thought that they were the only ones coming over, and I love just little get-togethers like that. I went back upstairs for awhile and then when I started to hear more people come I decided to go downstairs to be part of the group.

I went into the living room to sit down and talk to some people but both couches were full. The only seat left was a chair all the way in the corner, which I took. There was a guy sitting in a chair next to me about three feet away, and for about three minutes he didn't say one word to me. It's not like he was talking to anybody else or anything - and I sort of felt bad for him because he was just sitting there, so I started to talk to ask him questions like where he was from and what he does for a living. I asked him questions for about ten minutes and he did not ask me a single question about myself.

One of the things that he said was he was a Navy brat and I had told him that my dad was in the Navy during WWII. He just kept on talking and even after he was done didn't seem to care much to ask where my dad fought even though I asked him if his father saw any action during his Navy career. After he had finished he then started to talk to one of my roommates who was sitting on the couch across the table - and he never spoke to me again. So I just decided to go up to my room and wait for a friend of mine who I already had plans with to watch the football game.

When I feel crappy I don't want to do anything at all. I already have a motivation problem; meaning I have a hard getting things done. If a friend asks me to come out with him I will say no. I don't know why I do that - I think at this point it is really just a habit more than anything. So feeling pretty crappy I almost called up my friend, who I have not seen in three years, and told him not to come over. But there was something in my head that told me not to do that, and it was a very good choice that I didn't. He came over and we watched the football game at my parent's house, and I had a really good time and felt a lot better afterwards.

My dad was there all alone as well, which is another reason why I wanted to go over to my parent's house. But we had a fire going, a couple of brews and some pecan pie. That is my idea of a fun evening, and it was.