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What Are Some Tips and Tricks for Getting Bigger Portion Sizes at Chipotle?

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Answer by James Pan, Chipotle Affectionado, Medicine / Photography / Design

To the right is a 1 Liter Nalgene bottle. To the left is a Chipotle Burrito.

+Brown rice, +1/2 Chicken, +1/2 Steak, +Fajita Vegetables, +Medium Salsa, +Hot Salsa, +"Extra" Corn Salsa, +Guac, +Lettuce (note that this doesn't include cheese or sour cream or some of the other hacks mentioned below; i.e. double wrapping, guac on side, salad dressing).

Here're my go-to for giant portions:

  • Approach the server with a giant smile. (Seriously, this is important.)
  • Get the bowl.
  • Ask for a tortilla on the side (free).
  • When they put the rice, ask for extra rice (also free).
  • Ask for both pinto and black beans (that's also free!).
  • Get the fajita vegetables (also free).
  • Now the key: Ask for 1/2 Protein A and 1/2 Protein B. You only get charged for one portion of the more expensive protein. However, many places give you 3/4-1 scoop of A and B (essentially giving you double protein), when only charging you for one portion.
  • I ask for the medium and hot salsa. With extra corn.
  • Add lettuce (and whatever else topping you want).
  • Ask for a salad dressing (also free).
  • Guac on the side usually gives you more than guac in the burrito or bowl.
  • Go late at night, about an hour within closing time. They'll just keep shoving the burrito until it explodes.

Honorable mention: Do all of the above with a burrito. Now when they wrap it, the burrito will be so massive that the first tortilla is bound to rip. So then they double wrap it.

Congratulations. You now have enough food to feed a small family.


Special thanks to the awesome workers at the Chipotle location off El Camino, near Stanford University.

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