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The Challenge of the Holocaust Museum Shooting

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Simon Wiesenthal, the great Nazi Hunter and humanitarian would say to us: "I don't judge a democratic society by how many Nazis there are, but by how many anti-Nazis there are." Survivors of the Nazi Holocaust must be particularly embittered by the shooting at the sacred space of Memory in Washington D.C., by the verbally violent "zion-Nazi" attack by Iranians against Nobel Peace laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel in the corridors of the United Nations, and by the pre-genocidal campaign of Holocaust denial by the government of Iran.

Good people everywhere, should heed Simon Wiesenthal's challenge: We can never eliminate bigotry or haters committed to violently act on their anti-Semitic, racist or xenophobic visions, but we can ultimately defeat them by building out new anti-Nazi coalitions. Failure to do so will only further embolden the bigots amongst us.