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Rabbi Dan Ain
Teaching, preaching and pastoring in various locations throughout New York, Rabbi Dan Ain is the Rabbi-in-Residence at 92YTribeca and has most recently served as the Rabbi of The New Shul in Greenwich Village. He continues to host The New Shul’s Rebbe’s Table at City Winery in Tribeca, a monthly program which has included provocative interactions with, among others, artist Maira Kalman, composer David Lang and astronomer David Hogg.

He also serves as an adjunct professor at the Academy for Jewish Religion, where he lectures on "Faith, Technology and Halackha" and grapples with the present (and future) ideological clash between our burgeoning technological beliefs and traditional Jewish faith.

Also an attorney and a writer, Rabbi Dan received a B.A. in Philosophy from Brandeis University and a J.D. from Boston College Law School. As a freelance journalist, he has explored the interplay between religion and politics both in America and Israel. His writing has appeared in The New York Jewish Week, Sh’ma, The New York Blueprint, Conservative Judaism and the Boston College Law Magazine.

Ordained by The Jewish Theological Seminary, he was a member of the first class of CLAL’s "Rabbis Without Borders" and is currently a CLAL Associate.

He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, writer and poet, Alana Joblin Ain.

Blog Entries by Rabbi Dan Ain

Six Words To Make You Want To Go To Services This Year (VIDEO)

Posted September 27, 2011 | 11:03:04 (EST)

"Beat Your Chest, Repeat After Me": Six Words That Might Get You To WANT To Go To Services This Year

Performed live at 92YTribeca as part of Smith Magazine's Six-Word Story Show on The Jewish Life -- "Oy! Only Six? Why Not More?"

Cross posted at 92Y...

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Top Three Tips for Hiring a Rabbi for Your Wedding

Posted July 7, 2011 | 18:23:10 (EST)

With marriage in the State of New York now available to any two consenting adults, this wedding season promises to be an especially busy one. To ensure a memorable celebration, here are a few suggestions that all couples looking for a rabbi to officiate might want to consider.

Tip #1...

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Four Quick and Dirty Rules for Leading a Passover Seder

Posted April 9, 2011 | 20:20:16 (EST)

There's nothing wrong with asking for help. That sentiment is at the crux of the Passover story. Escaping 400 years of bondage doesn't just happen organically.

The same should apply to leading your Passover seder.

Trust me, I know it's not easy competing for everyone's attention. Growing up, our four...

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