04/22/2013 01:54 pm ET | Updated Jun 22, 2013

Manhunt: A Poem and a Prayer for Boston

A day of searching. Through a neighborhood, house by house. Through a city, "sheltered in place." Through a nation, riveted and restless.

Searching streams of information. Trying to reassemble a picture from fragments scattered over the smoldering remains of two lives blown apart by their own hands. Relatives, classmates, facebook posts, YouTube comments, finding traces and following tracks.

Searching for answers. Where. When. How... and then there's Why. From Chechnya to Cambridge to Watertown. From student, athlete, leader to instrument of death, hatred, mayhem.

Searching for strength. For solace, for acts of kindness, for inspiration, for support. Searching for closure.

Searching for words where there are no words.

Searching for G*d and searching for humanity.

A manhunt.

* * *

May those who are bereft be comforted, those who are hurt be restored to wholeness, those who fear be given hope and peace.