05/24/2010 10:37 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Really, Rick Perry?

Everything's bigger in Texas, right?

Well, Texas Governor and self-proclaimed conservative Rick Perry, who was re-elected with just 39% of the vote in 2006, seems to think that applies to his rent check.

While asking state agencies to cut their budgets, Governor Perry has spent over $500,000 worth of taxpayer money to pay for his swanky Austin rental mansion he's been living in while the Governor's Mansion is under renovations. Since Perry moved into the rental mansion in late 2007, Texas taxpayers have paid for a $1000 "emergency repair" of a filtered ice machine, a $700 clothes rack, and $18,000 worth of "consumables."

In the video below, Austin comedian Chris Trew and I sum up this hypocrisy in one word: Really!?!