08/21/2013 12:54 pm ET Updated Oct 19, 2013

It's Still Summer Time: The Music of Blake Collins

I grew up a die hard Beatles fan -- they always have been and always will be the greatest band on earth. When I fall in love with music now, it's because some aspect of the music I'm listening to takes me to that divine and unexplainable place in my soul that The Beatles have been taking me to since I was in utero.

When I discovered the music of Los Angeles based songwriter and artist Blake Collins, my body lit up, my soul tingled and any cynicism I had about the current state of music melted away into the ether. Blake's dreamy voice and timeless music brought me back to that magical place of my youth, where music could transport, transcend and transform a person's consciousness and well being to something divine.

Reminiscent of George Harrison, Elliott Smith, Brian Wilson, John Lennon, Emitt Rhodes and Jeff Lynne, Collins' song writing and melodies sit in good company amongst other beautifully crafted pop music that endures generation after generation of musical styles. His music abounds with soulful singing, catchy melodies, lush harmonies and poetry that speaks of quietude, heartbreak, loss, hope and happiness.

The filmmaker in me was eager to make a video for this blooming talent and as the last few weeks of summer come to a close, I chose the song "It's Summer Time." I hope you enjoy this dreamy song and be sure to check out his brand new EP A Bell Locks In, now available on iTunes and sound cloud.

May you all enjoy these last magical days of summer.