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Forever 21 Tee Salutes New York Fashion With Poor Grammar & Sloppy Spelling

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Just in time for New York Fashion Week and the anniversary of 9/11, Forever 21 has pulled an Old Navy and released a t-shirt featuring a fake magazine article on fashion and the spirit of American independence with a funky spelling error and some seriously questionable grammar.


In Style We Trust Top: $13.80

"Girl, you going to that IndepenDance later tonight?"

"Bitch, you know I'm going. If we don't pop and lock, the terrorists win!"

There's also a line in the paragraph right above "The New York Fashion Issue" which reads, "In my case, my mother did definitely not inspire me."

I guess she also did definitely not make you crack a text book every now and then. At least this explains the "Skool Sucks" top.

Forever 21, in Spellcheck we trust.

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