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Rachel Kane


Prom Dresses You're Going to Regret

Posted: 04/08/2011 2:36 pm

You all have one. Probably more than one. An embarrassing, blush-inducing photo of yourself with truly regrettable hair and make-up. It's usually coupled with a clothing choice so heinous it can't even be condoned with the catch-all excuse of, "That was the style."

It was a bright, electric green body suit with shoulder pads and a cuffed, zig-zag pattern hem. You paired it with jungle red ankle boots and a gold, sequin skully cap. You popped its collar. Unless it was Halloween and you were dressed as some sort of Rick James/Christmas Tree hybrid, it was never "the style." Seriously, get a hold of yourself.

That being said, prom season is upon us and what better time for Forever 21 to unleash a parade of instantly regrettable dresses? Meet the future focal points of pictures that will forever mar the precious memories from prom, 2011.

Forever 21, WTF?

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Taffeta Party Dress $32.80
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This is the Charlie Sheen of garments. Artificially shiny. Bloated. Blissfully unaware of its own trainwreck-ishness. Reaks of full tar Marlboros. Plus, I'm pretty sure it's the exact color of Tiger Blood.
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