12/01/2011 11:27 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Charity = Clarity: 'Tis The Season

Anyone who knows me well knows that I truly believe that charity equals clarity. Through giving back you gain clarity, peacefulness & happiness in your own life. I've always tried to live my life this way and it's a lesson that I'm teaching my daughters as they grow.

I've always believed fashion is an amazing platform for giving back. My team and I fell in love with this phrase by Amelia E. Barr - "Kindness is Always Fashionable" - and I think it truly embodies what we are trying to do. Sometimes people think to make a true difference you have to give a lot of money and then giving back gets overwhelming or unachievable for them.

Charity takes on all forms in people's lives - some try to do a little something every day/week/month and some have dedicated their lives to it. My good friend Lisa runs OrphanAid Africa and her work with the orphans of Ghana is truly inspiring. My team and I wrap presents to send to the children each year in place of an expensive holiday party. We listen to music, catch-up and take pictures to send the kids to truly express what a pleasure it was doing this for them. Charitable giving can start small - volunteering at your local soup kitchen, collecting food for the local food pantry, or collecting gifts for disadvantaged children this season. It doesn't matter if the act is large or small, the important part is that you do something.

This holiday season there are so many great causes to give to - just look in your neighborhood, town, city - or organize something with your co-workers or best friends. This holiday season I was inspired by my trip to Haiti and all the amazing artisans I met there. I partnered with the Heart of Haiti program to bring beautiful jewelry pieces to market for a wider audience to purchase. Each purchase of a piece of jewelry from this initiative helps create jobs and business for the artisans of Haiti. It's a small collection to start but it's my goal to grow this collection and help be a both a business resource and a voice for the artisans of Haiti.

Making a difference in a cause or in someone's life can be quite simple, it's just taking that first step in discovering the confidence and clarity that YOU can make a difference. In addition to donating your time, money, passion and energy to a cause, you are also giving that cause a voice. And that is truly a gift.

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Please also visit Rachel Roy to purchase the jewelry.

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