11/08/2011 01:17 pm ET | Updated Jan 08, 2012

So You Want to Be a Fashion Blogger?

Living in a digital age, it's tempting to become fond of the trends and cyber-realities that technology provides for us. In fact, it has become so immensely integrated into our daily lives, it's hard to imagine going a day without using some device or service, whether it be our smart phones or the beloved internet (Google Chrome, represent!).

People also tend to think think that creativity and technology are on two opposite ends of the spectrum, but with the rising popularity of social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, this notion is slowly being disproved. How else would people be able to express their emotions and day-to-day activities (now matter how minuscule or not) without having the ability to put it as their status or to tweet? In fact, technology has become a whole new artistic medium for self-expression. And when we think about it in terms of the fashion industry, it is one of the driving forces that makes this particular industry so successful. With this in mind, I think there's an obvious answer to the equation I'm about to give you: Technology + fashion + young, trendy, in-the-know individuals = only one thing... Fashion bloggers.

The blogging revolution has transformed not only the fashion industry, but in retrospect, any other creative industry whose topic is being blogged about -- whether it's music, culture, or food, this list goes on. Bloggers, in a sense, have almost become essential in terms of marketing for companies, as they reach a broader audience and establish a sense of personal connection. This has become especially true in regards to the fashion industry, as the rise of personal style and street style blogs have begun to help dictate what's "in" and what's "out," or at least what's currently trending. And having both a personal style blog, Le Style Child and a street style-inspired blog The Style Line, I've found blogging to be a particularly rewarding medium. It supplements both my love of fashion and my love of writing, which makes for a whole lot of fun! However, with the recent influx of blogs, it has made me question the reasons as to why people are suddenly so interested.

Yes it's true, once reaching a certain point, some fashion bloggers attain a somewhat iconic status and receive awesome perks, such as brand-collaborations, invites to industry events and parties and the coveted freebies of fashion designers. Don't get me wrong, all of this not a bad thing to want, but it seems that the popularity and "hype" that comes with a blogger has overruled the reasons why individuals initially started in the first place. So to further investigate the matter and to gain some credibility here, I asked a few of my fashion-blogger friends to give their take on the situation as well.

Courtney Clark of The Style Playlist: "I initially began blogging because I wanted to be able to keep track of how my style grows and changes over the years and creating a fashion/style blog does just that! It's funny looking back at old posts and thinking to yourself "Oh God, I can't believe I wore that!" Fashion blogs are a great way to document yourself and your style as they both mature. The influence that I think bloggers have had within the last year is huge! I think more girls turn to fashion blogs nowadays for inspiration more than they would a magazine because fashion bloggers are more relatable when it come to style than a model in a magazine who is wearing couture."

Chris Humphrey of Castle in the Snow: "I started blogging because I wanted to have a voice. Plus I was really bored and mother nagged me to find a hobby. Thus I made blogging my hobby. Whenever I feel like I need to say something i just run to my blog. It's relaxing and therapeutic."

Claire Geist of De Lune: "I started blogging back in 2008. I chose to start a fashion blog with personal style elements because it combined everything I enjoyed doing in my own time: studying fashion trends, trying my hand at photography, and writing down my thoughts were all things I wanted to see myself doing more of at some point. In the past two years, blogging and social media in general has become an essential part of the culture of communication.That being said though, I also do think that a lot of people are starting fashion blogs because they see what can come from it: a career, products to try out, the chance to work with companies and designers they admire etc, etc."

Dagmara Dylewska of Skipped Breakfast: "I began blogging because I felt like I had a lot of different opinions and thoughts about things pertaining to fashion that I wanted to express. I think bloggers have such an impact on the industry because they are the ones influencing the consumers nowadays."

When looking at these statements, I think it's also important to recognize that these bloggers are all at different stages not only in their blogging "careers," I guess you could say, but in their lives. This truly proves that blogging as a medium is able to touch a multitude of people, no matter their backgrounds, interests or experience in fashion. And thus, I think this is why it makes blogging so freeing and intriguing. So while these words of wisdom are meant to inspire and inform those who may be looking to become a part of the blogosphere, it is important to remember that the glamour and newfound prestige that comes with this form of expression doesn't come as easily or as quickly as one would think. And my advice to anyone looking to start a blog is to have a confident voice and point of view.

It's a pretty convincing hobby/passion to take up when examining the details, but if you really want to be a fashion blogger, keep this great last bit of advice from Claire in mind, "I think having ambition in anything and setting a goal for oneself through a project is a good first step in any direction in life, however, with fashion blogging, you need to be able to push boundaries for yourself. You should constantly ask yourself questions about what affects you through the industry, whether it's sharing what you like and dislike or showing what you choose to wear on your body, you need to ask yourself why it reflects who you are and how ideas and design impact your own industry.For the ambitious bloggers out there, I would just say make the blog a personal goal-setter for yourself and learn through the content you choose to put out there. The internet is endless, exactly like the world we live in is."

Amen to that.