Facebook Status Update How To

11/22/2011 03:14 pm ET | Updated Jan 22, 2012

Long ago, in the dark ages before smart phones and social media, if I wanted to know how my friends were, I did really strange things like call them and ask to hang out. Now, with the awesome advances of technology, I can simply check their status update. I can be waiting in line for the bathroom at a work conference and find out who my ex-boyfriend is now dating and where they were last Saturday night. Yikes.

How many random people from your life do you know too much about because of what they posted as their status? How many people are also looking at and judging your update? The status update was designed to be informative, but has become oh-so-much-more. We all probably have a status update we love and remember and a few that we regret. Crafting a status update is something of an art, with many different genres and levels of sophistication. A survey of my friends revealed some hilarious, telling, and annoying trends.

PHOTOS: Here are some of my favorites. What type of Facebook updater are you?

The Art of the Facebook Status Update