02/02/2012 01:17 pm ET | Updated Apr 03, 2012

Tribal Afghans Create Co-Ed School

In a desert area in between the Afghan and Pakistan border sits Mirji Village in the Rodat district of the Sheenwar tribal area. Over 250 boys and girls sit on the ground studying together in hopes for a better future. Despite the billions of dollars of donor aid that has poured into Afghanistan and Pakistan, tribal communities such as these have been trapped in time with no government support or international aid.

While researching the area, Hedaytullah Zaheer, an Afghan tribal liaison officer discovered the school and told his friend Jake Simkin who became intrigued and decided to visit. A cinematographer/photographer, director, and producer, Kabul-based Simkin has long been involved in education initiatives for Afghan youth. Simkin has led efforts to provide basics to the school such books, bags, and pens. Simkin and Zaheer are now working with the community to help raise 30 thousand dollars to build a school. The money raised is going to the community so they can provide basic shelter to create indoor classrooms, restrooms, a well for drinking water and a boundary wall.

To learn more about the school and offer support, contact Jake Simkin:

A School in No Man's Land