12/03/2013 03:53 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2014

Man Meets Woman



I'm finding myself drawn to menswear designers these days. The look and the feel of menswear brands encompass a cool ease traditionally not felt in womenswear. However, as a woman, who enjoys promoting her femininity, I also need a brand that fits my curves and my personality. So where do they meet, that intersection between ease, authenticity and feminine energy?

Scrolling through Instagram I came across one of my favorite menswear brands sketching womenswear, Public School NYC. With this news I'm sensing a bit of a shift in womenswear in the near future. Will my hope of a more laid back and authentic feel be translated through this brand and line? I sure hope so.

With the subliminal announcement of Public School NYC's womenswear line, I began to think through other designers and lines that successfully design both mens and womenswear. Designers like Richard Chai, who consistently provide mens and womens pieces that compliment each other. The marriage between each of his garments reminds me of a great relationship, easy, just enough structure and complimentary.

Chai's line is not overpowering and gives just the right amount of detail. This is what has set him apart season after season. He successfully translates a sophisticated yet effortless feel when designing for both men and women. Just take a look at his last collection, Spring 2014. Chai designed for a woman that doesn't want to over think what she is wearing while still looking well put together. Chai's thoughts for his menswear were consistent. He designs for a man and woman who want to walk through life being able to jump in and out of various circles. Their focus, functionality and comfort while still appreciating the beauty of each garment they put on.

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