08/13/2013 12:20 pm ET Updated May 21, 2014

L.I.F.E.: Love, Imagine, Feel, Experience

To think about love is probably as old as mankind. How many tales have been written? How many ballads been sung? Oh, how many have compared someone to a summer's day? Yet, I don't want to think about love. I have done that to every extent. Enough of the thinking. I want to start feeling. To feel love instead of thinking about it. Feel, feel, feel, as much as possible. It is a return to who we actually are. And, more importantly, feeling is the tool to creation. This in fact, is so important that it bears repeating: feeling is the tool to creating the experience of something. The best part of it is that we don't need to have something -- or someone -- in order to feel it. We as human beings are blessed with an incredible gift called imagination, and all that we allow ourselves to imagine we are actually capable of feeling.

Do you find yourself thinking about love often? If so, stop right there. Don't think. Imagine. This involves all of you, not just your brain. It requires your whole attention, body and mind awareness and most of all, it requires you to open and involve your heart. Do you want love in your life? If so, commit right now to doing your part, get as clear as possible and imagine. A strong imagination always leads to feeling. You cannot imagine something without evoking a certain feeling. Imagine love with all your being and you will not only feel it, but create the experience of it.

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering how to love exactly? What love actually is? Well, how to not love? How to not love every single leaf on every single tree, in every single place? It's the easiest thing to do. It brings even more life into you than every breath you take. Love is our heritage, it's our home and the gift we were given when we arrived here. It is a light and an energy so powerful that it gives way to each and every cell to take form. To take the form of love. When you love, your DNA is love. It is all there is and all you will ever need. Love requires nothing. Not even love itself. It just is. Like it has always been. So when it happens, it just happens. It is without a reason to be. It is for the sheer luck of being. It exists in order to experience the being and celebrate it with the highest joy. A joy so vast you are overwhelmed with the life taking place in and outside of you. Loving for the sake of loving. And the peace you find by doing it free from expectations. When you will share a glimpse into each other's soul and the moment they intertwine and the magic the whole world is covered in. Love and gratitude is all there is in a moment like that. Perfection.

If you are like most of us, you may wonder about how to love without certain expectations or any requirements. To claim that love needs to be loved back, however, is to claim that love is incomplete. Real love, though, is never anything else than whole and perfect. Love requires nothing. If it does, it is not love but a disguised form of fear. Yet imagine what would happen if you found out the truth -- that there's nothing to be afraid of or feel hurt about, ever. There is only the idea of having to feel hurt. If you free yourself from this image, you are free to love. You open up a space inside of you and become strong and receptive through being vulnerable and authentically you.

When you can imagine love, you can feel it and this will ultimately create the experience of it. It is as easy as that. Are you ready? If so, imagine love. Feel it. And then experience the love for your someone, honor his or her choices. And do so no matter their action. Love someone for being, not for what they are doing. Be love and decide to always (re)act that way for someone, for everyone and most importantly for you. And you will feel that, "So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,/ So long lives this, and this gives life to thee." -- William Shakespeare

Yours with love,


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