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Caren Maio Speaks About Nestio and Her Time at TechStars

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I met up with Caren Maio at the AOL Ventures headquarters in NYC. I wanted to speak with Caren about Nestio. Her team is working on a service that solves a real problem for many New Yorkers -- finding an apartment. I mean, finding an apartment in NYC is not just a difficult task, it’s near impossible in many situations. I recently asked a few friends to take a look at Nestio and as a native New Yorkers they really appreciate the service.

Nestio is a very young startup. The company was founded in January 2011 by co-founders and recent Techstars graduates -- Caren Maio (CEO), Matt Raoul (CCO) and Mike O'Toole (CTO). It was a pleasure speaking with Caren. So let’s listen to what Caren has to say about Nestio and female entrepreneurs.