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Stop the Insanity: Please get a grip!

Posted: 09/09/11 07:39 AM ET

So much has been going on recently...seriously? It's been beyond craazzzy. For starters, props to my assistant, Christopher Gordon, for attending the fabulous Wood Dialogue at the Banff Centre, in Banff, Alberta (Canada). The evening was hosted by the legendary, Jay Ingram ("Daily Planet") and my fantastic new video on the wildlife of Banff was presented on my behalf! You can see the entire science and communications event, right here: The Wood Dialogue, 2011

In other news, stupid David Cameron, you know, he's the twit Prime Minister of the UK? Anyways, on the heels of the destruction done to London-what with its riots and looting (and fires and nastiness), he and Parliament seem to have their heart set on a mass badger killing. See, these dummies have been convinced that all badgers somehow carry the dreaded bovine tuberculosis--as numerous farmers have complained about their infected cattle and livestock. Meanwhile, there isn't a shred of proof ALL badgers are responsible and should be murdered. It's sick. Please sign the petition to have them STOP the badger bloodshed: HAVE A HEART + SIGN THIS PETITION AND THIS ONE TOO!!!

Then, not long ago, Texas was hit hard by wildfires. Central Texas and mainly Bastrop have seen over 1,400 homes destroyed and the loss of four lives thus far. I mean, what the fuck is going on?! We humans need a break between our tragedies, please! Sadly, numerous pet owners, in fleeing the fires, have been separated from their loved pets. Efforts are still continuing to reunite lost pets with their rightful owners. God, I would not be able to handle that. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who lost their homes and pets. You can help by visiting: RIGHT HERE

Then, not long ago Republican debates happened at Ronald "Bedtime for Bonzo" Reagan Library, and let me tell you...I never plowed through an entire bowl of M&Ms, skittles and pretzels faster than I did watching them debates! I was utterly confused by the candy talk and didn't understand what gummy bears had to do with anything (please see my video), but...I guess I was happy to watch; it was either that or "Making Mr. Right" on VHS and I couldn't find my VHS remote so...

Finally, the greatest world in the news of course, was the release of the laboratory chimpanzees, who had been cooped up in a lab for 30 years without ever seeing a sliver of sunlight. God bless them. Completely innocent chimps used for the better of science? Injected with shit against their will? Sounds sick to me. Thank goodness the lab's new US owners bought the lab and freed them. It made me question why we don't run any experiments on prisoners or death row inmates. I mean, if the state is going to put them to death anyway, why not keep them 'round a bit longer and see what happens when lipstick is poked in their eyes repeatedly, instead of using a poor defenseless animal? Just a thought.


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