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Randy Taran

Randy Taran


Graduation: 10 Tips To Achieving The Life You Want

Posted: 05/27/11 07:00 AM ET

I'm just returning from my son's graduation -- a milestone filled with laughter, elation, and tears of joy. But what is the next step? So many graduates haven't a clue. Herein lies the opportunity.

My son is graduating as a double major in Economics and Asian Studies -- he's lived in India and China, but does he want to do something related to that? Not right now. He wants to get his Screen Actors Guild card and act. As parents, we have the option to be upset and concerned that he is not taking the traditional route. After consideration, we have decided to support his decision wholeheartedly. Today, the average person goes through at least five career changes in the course of a lifetime. It's not unusual to get a degree in something and discover that working in that field is not only boring - it may suck the very life out of you. It doesn't have to be that way. Here are 10 things to consider when planning your happy life.

So dare listen to your inner calling and take the first steps. By keeping your focus and staying nimble, even if you don't know exactly the destination, your pathway will open up. Happiness resides in the most unexpected places. Be on the lookout and enjoy the journey!

What tips do you have? What was the best advice someone ever told you? What do you now know that you wish you had known before?

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Love what you do: If you are lucky enough to be open to explore what you are passionate about, then do it, try it, stretch yourself in ways you might not be able to later on. My husband explained it to our son, "Right now, you are pretty low maintenance -- no family, no mortgage, very few obligations -- it's time to give it a shot. In the best case, you'll love it, and in the worst case, you'll learn a lot, all of which will guide you to your next step."
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