11/24/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Make Your Voice Heard: James Dobson and the Radio Hall of Fame

As you may have heard, James Dobson's anti-gay Focus on the Family radio program will be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame on November 8th.

We at GLAAD have created an online video highlighting some of Dobson's anti-gay commentary and written a post over at glaadBLOG.

We are urging people to make their voice heard and to contact the Radio Hall of Fame - let them know what kind of person they are about to induct.

Below is the contact information for the Radio Hall of Fame along with a link and an excerpt to our blog post. Please watch the video, spread the word and let your voice be heard.

Call: (312) 822-0512
Email: Bruce Dumont (CEO) -
Email: Gina Doyle -

Here's an excerpt from our post, you can the whole post with links to all the original videos over at glaadBLOG.

"James Dobson has a long history of attacking and making things up about gay people. Unfortunately, the media will often times give Dobson a national platform outside his radio program to spread his lies, lies that then reach millions.

Among his many false claims, Dobson has said being gay 'has to do with an identity crisis that occurs too early to remember it' and that gay people 'have as many as 300 to 1,000 partners in a lifetime.' He has also falsely claimed that committed gay couples 'cannot be a family' and that allowing them to get married would 'destroy the family.'

Dobson has even gone after entertainment media, asking if the makers of the children's movie Happy Feet were 'getting at the idea that homosexuality is genetic' and said that the Britney/Madonna kiss was, 'part of this continuing effort to desensitize people to homosexuality[.]'


James Dobson doesn't deserve to be honored for his lies and distortions aimed to hurt and marginalize LGBT people.

Please take a moment and contact the Museum of Broadcast Communications and let them know just who they are about to induct into their Radio Hall of Fame."