Why I Don't Like My Mother-in-Law... When it Comes to Politics

08/24/2011 11:21 am ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Finally the rebels have seized Tripoli.

They were inside General Muammar Gaddafi's compound; Sara Sidner was wearing a helmet and holding what appeared to be a military uniform from one of Gaddafi's guards; all hell had broken loose around her. People were shooting into the air with AK-47's; all of this captured live on CNN. I said to myself: finally, a victory for Obama. Well, not so fast.

I started to change channels. MSNBC, Al-Jazeera, BBC - all the news networks had uninterrupted coverage of Libya. That is, until I got to FOX, where I was informed that home sales have dropped for the last four months in a row.

Now I know why my mother-in-law doesn't like Obama.

She is a 74-year-old Cuban exile who left the island in the early 60's because of Fidel Castro. Her husband is an ex-political prisoner. They live in Coral Gables, Florida and when you visit their house, the television set is only ever tuned to FOX. The one exception is 4pm weekdays when they watch my show on Univision.

She believes, like many people in this country, that Obama can't do anything right. That same day she called my wife to tell her how Tripoli was now full of Al Qaeda rebels. Wait a second, aren't these rebels friends of the United States and supported by NATO?

I remember last year when she was looking for a new car as her lease was about to expire. She asked me for help since the monthly payments for her same car had gone up considerably.
I suggested she look into a Cadillac SUV, but she immediately said "NO. I am not giving my money to Obama." Her theory is that Obama bailed out General Motors. You do the math....
She finally got another BMW SUV, which incidentally is also made in the US.

A few months ago, the unexpected happened. Obama finally got Osama! The most wanted and hated terrorist in the world. The man responsible for 9/11. This time I thought, surely, she will have to agree with me. Obama accomplished something incredible.

The next morning I called my mother-in-law. I couldn't believe my ears. Apparently Obama was not responsible, Bush was. For a second I tried to comprehend what was going on. Was this a joke? Was Bush still President? Well to my mother-in-law it was no joke. She would not give credit to this President, for Osama, or anything else for that matter.

Well now I realize that I can't blame her. What else can you expect from someone who only watches FOX?

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