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Social Media for the Job Seeker

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Many employers have figured out how to use social media to improve their corporate and employment brand. If this is the case, then it makes perfect sense that this is where potential employees/job seekers can now go and should go to find out more about the culture and environment of the organization or company for which they are looking to work.


This 950-million member social platform is a great place to really dig into a company's culture. Gain a deeper understanding of what makes this company tick. What is important to them? What do they post in order to share knowledge or content with their followers? The decision not only lies in the hands of the employer but also with the job seeker. Perhaps after reviewing social channels, the job seeker realizes that he is not a fit -- this is good for all.


This massive network serves as a professional social channel where the job seeker can learn about current employees. What does their background look like? Can the job seeker gain a thorough understanding of what a model employee looks like? Do current employees place value on a professional network? Is this where contacts are made? LinkedIn was founded early in the social evolution in 2003. Most employers, at this point, have discovered its value and how to increase or better their company or employment brand.


Twitter serves as a great back channel of communication. Does the potential employer listen to this channel? Are they responding to tweets or messages from customers or clients? Do they ignore what is said in this very public, rapid-fire line of communication? Twitter is not going away, it is being inducted into every marketing and recruiting plan. Follow the people in your industry who have influence. Follow the employers or companies where you have interest. Use it as a learning and communication tool.


Other social channels are popping up everywhere. Blogs provide in-depth industry or company content. Pinterest gives a visual and insightful perspective. Google+ seems to share insider info on different technologies. And Myspace is working hard to make a comeback -- check out their new look here.


As we have often been told throughout our lives, KNOWLEDGE is power. Why would the job seeker not take advantage of every snippet of information available (for free, too) regarding a potential place of employment? A little homework never hurt anyone.

In this day and age, it just makes sense.