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Iran Won't Release Their High-Paying Guest Faye Turney

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Senior Iranian officials have advised that Faye Turney, the only woman among the fifteen abducted British sailors would not be released now. And why should they? Releasing her would only lessen political tensions and in turn reverse the upward pressure on oil prices.

Since the "capture" of the fifteen British sailors the price of oil has shot up some 10% or about $6 per barrel. For Iran, exporting 2.5 million barrels a day that's a jump in daily income of some $15 million daily.

If you listen carefully you will hear the Saudis and the rest of their OPEC brethren cheering the mullahs on. OPEC loading out some 28 million barrels daily, that $6 becomes an additional windfall of some $168 million/day. Thank you Faye Turney.

I only hope for Faye Turney's sake she is being given accommodations worthy of the bounty she has rained on her Iranian captors and their ilk.

And, by the way, given her midas touch, does Faye Turney have a sister??