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Mexico's Oil Informs the Arab Spring

Something transpired in Mexico that might well have passed unnoticed at another time, but given the events in the Arab world it becomes an omen of hope and healing. Pemex, the Mexican state oil monopoly, for the first time in well over 50 years awarded private production contracts to two companies, thereby fundamentally changing a national policy long held as received gospel -- Mexican oil to be developed by a Mexican national enterprise, period.

It is a policy analogous to the development of oil resources held as holy writ in much of the Arab world. Think Aramco and Saudi Arabia, as but one example. And herein lies the cause and effect of much of the underlying distortion of Arab society, and which the manifestations of the Arab Spring have rebelled against. Namely the centralization of power and corruption resulting from the control of the riches of oil by a few to the detriment and totalitarian subjugation of the many. Almost always resulting in economic stagnation and grievous lack of entrepreneurship that comes under governance sated by oil's easy money.

Mexico, by inviting private capital to help develop their national resources is broadening the entire spectrum of shared risk, entering an age of a new openness to cooperation and harnessing a new potential for their countrymen. Additionally there will be a new transparency which will inculcate an even more powerful mandate to work for the greater good of all its citizens.

Would, that the aspiring voices of the Arab Spring take due note.

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