Nancy Pelosi Stepping Into the Quagmire

11/11/2006 09:17 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The election and its results were about many things
but most certainly Iraq, National Security and the arrogance
of power were key. Other issues such as energy independence played
their role as well.

In one fell swoop Nancy Pelosi, because of personal animosity is about to trip the Democratic agenda into highly suspect terrain regarding National Security and the arrogance of power.

Jane Harman, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence
Committee is a highly intelligent and competent public
servant . Her service in that position has won high praise from
Democrat and Republican alike. She knows her business
and knows the neighborhood.

Nancy Pelosi (I am "speaker of the House, not just the
Democrats") is about to indulge a personal bias and in
doing so tripping the Democratic party into a clear example of
abuse and arrogance of power.

She is about to pass up Rep. Jane Harman to become the next
chairman of the House Intelligence Committee because
of mostly personal animus (a "frosty relationship" as reported
in Friday's NYTimes). Thereby sending a signal to
the voting public at large that with Democrats,
national security, much as they feared, is a secondary issue.
Personal fiefdoms and fealty come first before the nation's
security concerns. And given those priorities the nation may stand
at greater risk.