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Divorce Hits Children In Higher-Income Families The Hardest, Study Says

(0) Comments | Posted September 15, 2014 | 5:47 PM

As the divorce rate began to rise in the 1960s and level off in the early 1980s, the face of American families underwent major reconstruction, leaving individuals and psychologists alike wondering: How are the children faring?

Well, aside from the rich ones, it seems the...

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Tough Mudder Might Not Be An Obvious Place To Find Love, But It Worked For These Couples

(0) Comments | Posted September 15, 2014 | 12:16 PM

Tough Mudder is a swampy, 10 to 12-mile military-style race created by British Special Forces. It's done in teams and it toys with participants' physical and mental boundaries, using fire, water, electricity and heights in a series of backbone-testing, grueling obstacles. And did we mention that the whole...

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What 7 P.M. Looks Like For Parents Across The World Reveals That No Two Families Are The Same

(6) Comments | Posted September 11, 2014 | 11:59 AM

At the risk of stating the obvious, there is no singular parenting experience. From single moms and dads to stay-at-home or work-from-home parents, those with children are snowflakes with their very own styles, rules and daily routines.

So what better way to illustrate this than to snapshot the lives...

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Females Build Up Tolerance To Marijuana Faster Than Males, Study Finds

(300) Comments | Posted September 10, 2014 | 7:40 AM

Despite a shortage of research on the topic, it's been suggested that drugs affect men and women differently. And because of the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington and medical marijuana in 23 states, it's now more important than...

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The Shame-Free Guide To Buying A Sex Toy

(10) Comments | Posted September 9, 2014 | 10:55 AM

In the post-sexual revolution world, you'd think a group of young, sexually active women wouldn't start fidgeting in their seats at the mention of using sex toys. Didn't cultural phenomena like "Sex and the City" and 50 Shades of Grey shed the awkwardness and prepare us for this?


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14 Questions Everyone Already Has About The New Royal Baby

(1) Comments | Posted September 8, 2014 | 4:25 PM

Here we go again.

The palace confirmed today that the Duchess of Cambridge has a little crumpet in the oven, just 13 months after the birth of Prince George. Now that Kate Middleton is only about eight weeks pregnant with her second child,...

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This Is What Really Goes Down At A 'Weed Wedding'

(4) Comments | Posted September 8, 2014 | 11:47 AM

Thinking of throwing a weed-ing? You're not alone. Recent trend pieces on the matter (like this one and this one) are bringing this nuptial practice to the forefront. But is it all cannabis bouquets and "special" wedding cakes?

Not quite. In...

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The Screen Time Rules You Really Should Enforce This Year

(6) Comments | Posted September 8, 2014 | 10:59 AM

While parents grapple with how much screen time is too much for children, new research now supports their suspicions: An excess amount of time in front of screens is bad for kids.

The Learning Habit study, published this month in the American Journal of Family Therapy and in a book...

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Bed-Sharing Linked With Poor Sleep Quality In Infants, Study Says

(43) Comments | Posted September 2, 2014 | 4:22 PM

A new study gives parents another factor to consider when deciding whether to bed-share. The findings, recently published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, show a link between bed-sharing and increased nighttime awakenings as well as shorter sleep durations for children.

"We know from many studies...

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Study Suggests Reason Why Black Mothers Breastfeed Less Than White Moms

(1) Comments | Posted August 27, 2014 | 1:42 PM

When it comes to breastfeeding, a persistent racial disparity exists: Black mothers have lower breastfeeding rates than white mothers. In 2010, 62 percent of American black babies were breastfed at birth, compared to 79 percent of white babies. A new study by the Centers for Disease...

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Die Frau als Objekt: Warum Sexismus in Beziehungen gefährlich ist

(0) Comments | Posted August 27, 2014 | 7:48 AM

Die Frau als Objekt - die Diskussion ist allgegenwärtig. Doch meist geht es dabei um Beautywahn, um die Glorifizierung von Schönheit - vor allem in der Werbung und in den Medien.

Doch Frauen werden auch in Liebesbeziehungen oft als Objekt gesehen. Darüber spricht niemand. Zumindest nicht laut. Diese Frauen...

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Being Objectified May Be Linked To Sexual Coercion In Romantic Relationships, Study Says

(59) Comments | Posted August 26, 2014 | 3:01 PM

Public discourse around objectification often deals with images we see in the media, from steamy Maxim covers to gratuitously sexual Burger King ads. But how does this cultural focus on appearance make itself felt at the level of one-on-one romantic relationships?

A new study...

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The Frightening Effect Of The Celebrity 'Baby Bump' Craze

(3) Comments | Posted August 25, 2014 | 2:01 PM

As Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton prove, pregnant stars sell magazines. But how does that exposure affect non-famous women who are also pregnant? A recent study from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand provides an answer, and it's not positive.

The researchers found that...

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How Parenthood Benefits Men In The Workplace -- But Not Necessarily Women

(4) Comments | Posted August 19, 2014 | 12:21 PM

When Max Schireson stepped down to from his post as CEO of MongoDB to spend more time with his family this month, many asked: Why are fathers left out of the work-life balance debate? Perhaps, as new research suggests, dads don't face the same...

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Cheating Women Are Looking For Sex, Not Divorce, Study Says

(112) Comments | Posted August 19, 2014 | 9:56 AM

Apparently, unfaithful wives want to have their cake and eat it too. According to a new study, women who cheat on their husbands are looking for passion and sex, but they have no desire to end their marriages.

Using data from ("the premier 'dating' website...

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Sleep Problems Linked With Increased Risk Of Suicide In Older Adults

(3) Comments | Posted August 13, 2014 | 4:17 PM

It's a popular misconception that older adults need less sleep. Actually, our need for shuteye doesn't diminish with age at all. If anything, the quality of our sleep appears to be even more important as we age. And a new study has found that a lot...

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40 Percent Of Female Engineers Are Leaving The Field. This Might Be Why.

(32) Comments | Posted August 12, 2014 | 3:38 PM

While all of the efforts channeled towards getting girls to study science, technology, engineering and math have certainly increased graduation rates in these programs, they haven't seemed to counter one particular setback for women in engineering: Once they make it into the field, they often leave....

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Stop Saying You Two Are 'Made For Each Other' -- It's Hurting Your Relationship

(5) Comments | Posted August 5, 2014 | 5:20 PM

The notion of being "made for one another" may seem romantic, but research says it's not a solid long-term line of thinking when it comes to actually making a relationship work.

In a recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, researchers Norbert Schwarz and...

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People Are More Likely To Lie To Women During Negotiations, Study Finds

(0) Comments | Posted July 31, 2014 | 12:55 PM

Over the last 17 years, Professor Laura Kray noticed that a striking number of female MBA students complained about being lied to during the negotiation simulations in her business school classes. When more and more women, frustrated by the deceptions routinely occurring in these role plays, began to...

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I Got Through Airport Security With Someone Else's Plane Ticket

(6) Comments | Posted July 31, 2014 | 8:03 AM

I honestly didn't plan to put the airport security system to the test. I was just really tired and didn't notice that the name on the ticket wasn't mine -- it wasn't even female. But I unwittingly managed to find a chink in the TSA armor last weekend.

My father...

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