10 Books That Will Change Your Brain

06/13/2011 08:38 am ET | Updated Aug 13, 2011

Many great books explain the science behind how your brain can change. And there are many more excellent mindfulness and self-help books that teach people how to improve their lives. However, there are few books that cover all the ground my co-author, Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz, and I do in our new book, "You Are Not Your Brain."

Aside from Dr. Schwartz's landmark book "Brain Lock," which focuses on obsessive-compulsive disorder, I can't think of other books that provide readers with a comprehensive overview of brain science with a practical, relatively straightforward method based in mindfulness. Here, I highlight books I love that complement what we've tried to achieve in "You Are Not Your Brain" and that can make a difference in your life - and brain!