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Rebecca Gladding

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10 Books That Will Change Your Brain

Posted: 06/13/11 09:34 AM ET

Many great books explain the science behind how your brain can change. And there are many more excellent mindfulness and self-help books that teach people how to improve their lives. However, there are few books that cover all the ground my co-author, Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz, and I do in our new book, "You Are Not Your Brain."

Aside from Dr. Schwartz's landmark book "Brain Lock," which focuses on obsessive-compulsive disorder, I can't think of other books that provide readers with a comprehensive overview of brain science with a practical, relatively straightforward method based in mindfulness. Here, I highlight books I love that complement what we've tried to achieve in "You Are Not Your Brain" and that can make a difference in your life - and brain!

"Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain" by Sharon Begley
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There are many books on the mind and the brain out there, but Begley's shines for numerous reasons. A masterful writer, she reviews the science of neuroplasticity (i.e., how the brain can change) in a very user-friendly and interesting way. What sets this book apart, though, is that she delves into an area dear to my heart: attachment relationships. This is a topic not often mentioned in the same breath or sentence as neuroplasticity and not contained in most of the other books on the topic. In a chapter playfully entitled, "Blaming Mom?" she skillfully describes attachment theory, the primary categories of attachment types, and how our brain can learn to respond differently in attachment relationships. In short, she provides evidence and hope that our brain can change, not only for physical problems, like strokes, but also for emotional and psychological challenges as well.
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