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Rebecca Harrington

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The 7 Guys You'll Date In College

Posted: 08/07/2012 9:43 am

Dating is tough. In the technological age, what even is it? Merely a series of tweets.

College dating, however, is a special kind of hell. What is going on with it? If someone asks you to go to an experimental comedy club, is it just tweeting or is it a serious relationship? If you are dating a guy who has a poster of a vodka bottle hanging over his bed, why? You can't even know anymore and that is the problem.

However, I feel that as the author of the book PENELOPE (out today! About a girl's very funny freshman year at college) and the college editor of the Huffington Post, I can give some advice on the shark tank that is the "college dating scene." So without further ado, the 7 guys you will date in college.

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  • The Political Guy

    "I'd love to get into politics," this guy will say, modestly, while you are just trying to talk to him about something else. You two might go to town halls together on dates and he might yell at your friends when they say something he disagrees with about education reform. Can you be a first lady? Try on some skirt suits and see what you think about it.

  • The Athletic Guy

    "Where are they?" is a common question I hear from women when referring to athletic guys. Sometimes they are playing in games and other times they are sleeping at home. You should try looking both places! Do you like sports? That's a question you should ask yourself because questions go both ways.

  • The Commitment-Phobe

    "Listen, I really like you. You are a super fun girl. And we have a great time. But I just can't be in anything right now. I'm too busy with all of my shows. I'm still getting over my ex-girlfriend. I'm not there yet. Let's be friends. Why don't you come over to my house at 2am for a fun hang out? You can't come? Why not? We are just going to talk" This can go on for years.

  • The Bro

    Do you enjoy going to a party where everyone is so drunk that they are falling over and no one is talking to you because you are a woman and that is too uncomfortable right now, because they are only falling-over drunk and not black-out drunk? I suggest you go out with a bro because this is a feeling you will be having often.

  • The Commitment-Freak

    Unlike the commitment-phobe I mentioned earlier, this is a man that wants to make a lasting promise another person. "Let's get married," he might say, on date two, while you are just trying to talk about education reform. "Don't worry, it will be fun!" Maybe it will, or maybe it won't. It's too early to tell is the point.

  • The Hipster Guy

    Sure, sometimes it's fun to talk about Jim Jarmusch movies, but not every day, and not all the time.

  • The Insecure Guy

    Nothing you can do can reassure this guy. Not even if you say to him, "Hey, I like you! I think you are great! Can we go on a date?" They still won't feel comfortable and will probably pretend to be busy that day. You can only make so many inroads with an insecure guy.


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