10/24/2005 10:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Huff Post Exclusive Music Download

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The Huffington Post is pleased to offer its readers a HuffPost exclusive: free downloads of tracks from songwriter/actress Rebecca Pidgeon's upcoming album Tough On Crime.

Each week leading up to the October 25th release date of the album, a new track will be posted for downloading on Rebecca's blog. A portion of every CD sold will go to support the Katrina relief efforts of the Red Cross.


One day Dave was fooling around with some chords on the guitar, and I snapped to out of the book I was reading, with a song in my heart. The stray chords were just begging to be made into a song, but what about? About falling in love of course.

Our friend Shel Silverstein once told Dave, of our love affair, that he "fell in love like a hillbilly." Meaning I suppose, that he just grabbed the woman (me), and the truck, and the babies, and the guitar, and set off for the hills. Which is sort of true.

I met my husband at the rehearsal of a play. We were introduced, and he shook my hand without looking at me, and said perfunctorily "pleased to meet you". "Pleased to meet you too", said I, and rushed off to my dressing room.

It was the second time he saw me that he fell in love with me. He fell in love with me at second sight. (This is mildly interesting to me, because "second sight" is a term for prescience, a quality I believe my husband possesses.) He fell so headlong in love with me that I had to fend him off with a broom for, oh at least a few hours, before I succumbed to his ardent advances and proclamations of devotion. "Want to take a walk?" he suggested. "Yes", I said. And we've been taking one ever since.

The girl in my song falls over a sleeping dog when she spots the guy who will change her life. Kind of like a modern Rebecca, who, so charmingly, falls off her camel when she sees Isaac. This as you remember, takes place in the book of Genesis, when Abraham sends off his servant to bring back a wife for Isaac. His servant brings her back through the desert, on a camel, and when she sees Isaac in the distance, she is so struck with love, that she falls off her camel. In English we say of someone who falls immediately in love, that they fall "head over heels", and in modern Hebrew, to this day, they say that he or she has "fallen off their camel".

The coffee shop is the new "Town Square". It's where we meet, where we hear news, where we hear the music we like, and where, like the LLBean lovers in Christopher Guests movie, "Best in Show", we fall in love.

In American popular entertainment, many traditional love scenes took place at the soda fountain, (see: the Andy Hardy movies, Our Town, It's a wonderful life, and indeed the discovery of Lana Turner.) In our day, adolescence has migrated from age fourteen, to age twenty-eight, and the soda fountain has become Starbucks, so I thought the coffee shop would be a good place for my lovers.

Billy Preston came in to play one day when we were recording. He laughed when he heard the song. His playing on this track is so playful and sexy. He conveys the subtext of the story so beautifully.

He plays Hammond organ, and Wurlitzer piano. Playing along with him are Larry Klein on bass and guitar, and Scott Amendola on drums.

Hope you enjoy the song, the coffee, and may you all fall in love like hillbillies. Or, if you think this is hillbilliest, fall off a nearby camel.