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The Convention Lands In Denver

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HuffPost's OffTheBus is teaming up with USC Annenberg's Center on Communication Leadership and the Institute for Photographic Empowerment to support citizens' coverage of the Democratic and Republican conventions. "Maximum Exposure" is the title of the project under which OffTheBus will be posting your photos from the Convention. Got photos or video footage to contribute? Send them to, format images to 400 x 300 pixels, and please include captions.


Gregory Daurer has submitted his second group of photographs for Maximum Exposure. Following his first slideshow, The Calm Before The Storm, Daurer now documents Denver as the storm ensues. Protesters march down main thoroughfares while policemen watch diligently. Local breweries and bakeries participate in the action by creating their own offerings. Daurer's photographs show us that the DNC has officially hit the Mile-High City.

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Got photos or videos from Denver? Format images to 400 x 300 pixels and send them with captions to