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Rebel Brown
A masterful agent of change, for over 25 years Rebel Brown has inspired, coached and empowered individuals and businesses to unstoppable performance and results. As a recognized market strategist and turnaround expert, Rebel guided over 200 global organizations to step beyond their status quo perspectives to create profitable market advantage. Fascinated by the power of our human minds to limit ourselves and our business results, she began her study of neural science. Her core question was simple. What could we do if we had no limits? Today, she brings the power of neural techniques (including NLP and Hypnosis) to her executive and corporate clients, fueling limitless thinking that drives powerful bottom line growth. Rebel’s work has been featured in media including First Business TV, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Business Insider and Business Week. She is a Vistage International speaker and workshop leader as well as NSA speaker. She’s also been named one of the Top 100 Women in Computing. Rebel is also the founder and director of the Unstoppable U Foundation, a non-profit program committed to using the power of neuroscience, along with passion and fun, to help kids know that they are born to be Unstoppable!


Entries by Rebel Brown

Human, Wherever We Go

(0) Comments | Posted December 3, 2013 | 9:25 AM

We've all been taught to think logically and rationally in our business decisions. After all, we're humans and our conscious, logical mind is under our control. We should use it appropriately. Look around you. You'll see many examples of anything but logical business decisions.

We are Humans in Business.

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You Should Trust Your Intuition

(8) Comments | Posted December 3, 2013 | 9:25 AM

How often do you trust your gut? How often do you ignore it? Science is proving why it's a good bet to trust it.

Your gut may be telling you not to take that deal. But you need the business so you do it anyway. Three months later you're wishing...

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Mind

(2) Comments | Posted December 2, 2013 | 4:36 PM

The center that I cannot find is known to my unconscious mind. ~ Auden

What if I told you that your unconscious mind actually controls your conscious mind?

Not exactly what you had in mind, now is it?

In my studies of neuroscience and neuro-practices, I've learned that many of...

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Unlocking The Power Of Your Unconscious Mind

(0) Comments | Posted July 31, 2013 | 1:09 PM

I know that many of you believe that our unconscious minds harbor our dark side. Probably because the scary movies, games and novels portray that evil lives in the unconscious. Our unconscious does hold our less than helpful instincts, limiting beliefs and negative behavior patterns. It also holds all of...

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What If Our Big Brain Isn't That Different

(19) Comments | Posted July 6, 2013 | 1:00 PM

Click here to read an original op-ed from the TED speaker who inspired this post and watch the TEDTalk below.

In her powerful TEDTalk, Louise Leakey shares that we are big brained, upright and walking hominids. It's that big brain that differentiates us from our homo...

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Your Quantum Mind in Action

(1) Comments | Posted July 5, 2013 | 4:39 PM

You go to the movie with friends. After the show you're all discussing a particular scene. That's when you notice it's as if you all watched a totally different sequence. One person saw details you didn't even notice, another disliked it as much as you loved it.

That's the power...

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Why Neuroscience Matters To You

(55) Comments | Posted June 28, 2013 | 3:54 PM

Modern neuroscience is sharing so many insights into why we do what we do. This expanding field offers the opportunity for all of us to learn about ourselves and others, and how we can better communicate, motivate, inspire and just plain collaborate together.

I'm so excited that our next...

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