Anybody But Clinton

06/11/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama's supporters fall into three categories: blacks, youth and the ABCs -- Democrats who are for Anybody But Clinton. Blacks, I understand: what race would not be proud if one of its members might become President of the United States. The young I also understand: they live on hope, the proper sustenance for those who see their futures before them.

But what about the ABCs: what is it that makes so many Democrats hate the Clintons so much? I can understand some of it, disgruntled former employees like Abner Mikva and the others fired from the Clinton White House, have no reason to love Hillary. So if Scott McClellan is entitled to first abandon and then write a negative book about George Bush, the Abner Mikva types are certainly entitled to go out and find another candidate to compete against Hilary. Who among us does not understand revenge?

But the others, those neither young, nor black nor spiteful -- what is their reason?

Some of my best friends are ABCs, what is it about Hilary they can't stand? Some of them initially supported John Edwards or Biden, but when Obama emerged as the leading contender they all switched to him, contributed to his campaign and some of them even joining his advisory panels.

The three I wonder most about served for years in various important positions in the federal government. They have worked for Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush, senior. One of them even served President Clinton. Each of them has had a hand in major changes that have affected all of us.

Why don't my friends like the Clintons? Maybe they feel slighted because the Clintons in their initial arrogance ignored and disrespected the Democrats who had come before them. Some of my friends may believe that the valuable institutions they helped create were gutted by second-rate Clinton political appointees. All of them tend to believe that Bill Clinton played cute and cut corners in almost everything he did, both political and personal.

Neither my friends, nor the blacks nor the young Obama supporters seem to recognize or acknowledge the accomplishments of the Clinton administration. When Bill Clinton left office America was at peace and had a budget surplus. Our dollar was worth twice what it is today. Clinton had brought peace to Bosnia, convicted the terrorists who had exploded bombs in the World Trade Center and captured the terrorists who tried to blow up our bridges during the millennial celebrations. My friends, the blacks and the young were much better off in 2000 than they are now. Nevertheless, they're voting for Anybody But Clinton.