06/15/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama, the Bishops, Notre Dame and the Fighting Irish Football Team

I think we have heard enough about the sanctity of a Notre Dame degree, and the inappropriateness of awarding such a degree to President Obama, because of his stance on abortion, without considering the potential desecration of that degree by others who receive it. I suggest we pay more attention to the position of those opposing the award, and take it to its necessary and logical conclusion.

In order to preserve the sanctity of the degree, I propose that any student (including football recruits) enrolling at Notre Dame be required to sign an oath that he or she holds human life sacred from the moment of conception, will use no form of contraception other than the rhythm method, and will require the immediate destruction of any and all embryonic stem cells they may produce.

It seems to me that if such requirement is made of Protestants, such as President Obama, Catholic students entering Notre Dame should be equally obliged to follow the teachings of the Church. This requirement should persist beyond graduation, and if graduates violate their oath, their degrees should be revoked. After all, an earned Notre Dame degree is more precious than an honorary one, and its sacredness must be protected.

It would seem to me that the loss of a few football recruits, or for that matter, the female basketball players who did so well for Notre Dame last year, is a small price to pay for the sanctity of Notre Dame. Occasionally, even some of the brightest academic recruits might decline to sign the enrollment oath, but they would be better off at a different school, and Notre Dame would be better off not having them.

Yes, the "Fighting Irish" may lose a few more football games, the women's basketball team may not get invited back to the NIT tournament, Notre Dame may lose a few potential Rhodes and Fulbright scholars, but no one who graduates will ever again be "unwilling to hold human life as sacred" or support "direct destruction of innocent human life." That's a small price to pay for the purity of a Notre Dame degree.