06/24/2015 03:33 pm ET | Updated Jun 23, 2016

11 Summer-Perfect DIYs You Can Tackle This Weekend


By Shoko Wanger

Summer is officially under way, and with that comes many long days perfect for tackling an assortment of crafting projects that your apartment would pretty much be naked without. For spaces in need of a little brightness -- and for those among us whose best memories of summers past involve the arts-and-crafts table at camp -- we've rounded up 11 DIY projects that pack a dose of sunny energy and a dollop of good vibes.

From painted, patterned plates to modern, suspended herb gardens (ideal for the yard-deprived), there's a project for every interest, every skill level, and every long, luxurious, sun-soaked day.

  • 1 Easy Planter Makeover By The Crafted Life
    Turns out, an hour is all it takes to transform a terra cotta planter into a multicolored masterpiece.
  • 2 No-Sew Rope Coil Basket By Alice & Lois
    Stow beach towels and flip flops in this sturdy rope basket, which, believe it or not, is held together entirely by glue — no needle and thread required.
  • 3 Letter Planter Centerpiece By Burkatron
    Do one better than fresh flowers; grow your own centerpiece (in your initials, no less) with soil, seeds, and wooden craft letters.
  • 4 Tasseled Rug By A Pair & A Spare
    Is your picnic blanket in need of a pick-me-up? Embellish a store-bought rug with festive, easy-to-make tassels fashioned from balls of yarn.
  • 5 Leaf Art By Monsters Circus
    A palm frond and a simple, wooden frame are all that’s required for this eye-catching art piece. (Scroll through the original Danish for instructions in English.)
  • 6 Palm-Print Pillows Ny Dream Green DIY
    Custom-printed palm-frond cushions deliver a healthy dose of tropical sunshine straight to your sofa.
  • 7 Block-Printed Napkins By Almost Makes Perfect
    Stamp up a storm with cork board and craft foam cut in the shapes of your choosing.
  • 8 Eye-Shaped Trinket Dish By Make & Tell
    Get your hands on some air-drying clay and acrylic paint, and this charming trinket dish is yours in the blink of an eye.
  • 9 Faux-Ceramic Napkin Rings By Almost Makes Perfect
    Dress up a summer dinner party with a set of napkin rings made from painted polymer clay.
  • 10 Eucalyptus Wall Hanging By Smitten Studio
    Good news for the craft-challenged among us: Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel calls this DIY showstopper — which makes magic of eucalyptus, yarn, and a trio of walnut dowels — one of her easiest to date.

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