Fashion's Most Obscenely Expensive Gifts

05/25/2011 02:50 pm ET
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Despite the fact that droves of good people out there continue to be crippled by debt, foreclosures, and vanishing jobs...the fashion world's insatiable lust for luxe dutifully soldiers on. Seriously, you can just forget the fruitcake—because some of the holiday gift price-tags out there are in fact so obscene, it inspired us to hunt around a little more in search of all the most expensive gifts we could find. Yes, debt be damned! It's time to throw caution and credit card limits to the wind. Because, honestly, nothing says "Happy Chrismukkah, I Love You!" better than a $12,000 Chanel bicycle.


Chanel Bike, approximately $12,000

For: The style and eco-conscious girlfriend

Why: She'll never have to worry about how to carry her 2.55 while pedaling down Central Park West anymore, because there's a handy little Chanel bag already strapped to this two-wheeled wonder.


For: The banking brat

Why: What else screams "the recession is my bitch" (we're looking at you, PC Peterson)

better than the world's most expensive suit?

For: The petulant Paris Hilton-in-training

Why: This fuzzy friend also doubles up as a pouch—gotta have some place to stash the keys to Baby's first Bentley, right?


Christian Dior Phone, starts at approximately $5,000

For: The tech-obsessed label whore

Why: Every girl needs a way to drunk dial in style, and what better way to do it than with a phone emblazoned with Dior's signature pattern and diamonds?


For: The filthy rich, but less-than-fragrant aunt

Why: Sure, she looks like a million dollars, but does she SMELL like it?

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