02/07/2012 04:13 pm ET | Updated Apr 08, 2012

Southland Has a Big Surprise in Store for Det. Lydia Adams

Southland has been known for its surprises.

Fans of the show will remember Nate's sudden and tragic death caught in the
crossfire of a brutal gang war; Sammy returning home to learn his wife was
pregnant by another man; Ben's quick responses causing him to hit a civilian... more
than once.

In this week's episode ("Identity"), my character Lydia joins the fray with a
surprising storyline of her own. Early in the hour, we learn a shocking secret that
she's kept from her colleagues for some time. Something she has no plans to
reveal any time soon, because doing so could end her career as she knows it.

Although Lydia is fiercely compassionate on the job, she has worked hard to keep her personal life intensely private. Even fans of the show, watching
her life after she takes off the badge, speculate about what makes her tick. Why
does she choose to remain single? Has she loved and lost? Who is Det. Lydia Adams,

But in last week's episode, the final minutes revealed that perhaps there is someone
in Lydia's life she hasn't shown us yet. And this someone, without giving too much
away, could play a big hand in her future, whether she likes it or not.

I hope that Southland fans are as excited as I am about how this surprise changes
Lydia's trajectory and opens a wealth of storylines to be played out for her. Although
Lydia might try to fight it, we may just get to know more about this woman we have
all come to love and respect.

Watch tonight at 10/9c on TNT to see this transformative episode. Then comment
here how you think this big change will affect Lydia's life, career and pursuit of her
own happiness.