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Regina Varolli


A Look Back at the Premier Culinary Event of 2013

Posted: 12/30/2013 5:30 pm

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  • Marshmallow Canvas

    Making her first appearance at the International Chefs Congress was Janice Wong from Singapore, who created edible art installations. Wong, pictured here, painted canvases in thick layers of flavored marshmallow and ICC attendees were invited to taste by pulling bits of marshmallow from the canvas with tweezers. (Photo by Tomas Vrzala)

  • Wong's Whimsy

    Janice Wong of 2am DessertBar in Singapore: chocolate cylinder sculpture, also meant for eating. Wong got the idea for playful edible art installations when she launched her book “Perfection in Imperfection” and wanted something more than the traditional book launch party. (Photo by Tomas Vrzala)

  • Gelato Panini Press

    Cool new kitchen gadget from PreGel America, the Gelato Panini Press. (Photo by Tomas Vrzala)

  • Gelato Panini

    The heat from the PreGel Gelato Panini Press is high enough that it toasts the bread before melting the gelato inside, creating a combination of cold, heat, savory and sweet. (Photo by Tomas Vrzala)

  • Intense Competition

    The 4th Annual International Pastry Competition at ICC Finalist Thomas Raquel of Acadia in Chicago glances up at one of the floor judges as he finishes his chocolate showpiece. (Photo by Tomas Vrzala)

  • Chocolate Art

    Close-up of Thomas Raquel’s chocolate showpiece (Photo by Tomas Vrzala)

  • The Judges

    Pastry Competition head judge Johnny Iuzzini and Emcee Keegan Gerhard, Pastry Chef/Owner of D Bar Desserts in Denver and San Diego share a lighter moment in the midst of serious competition. (Photo by Tomas Vrzala)

  • Cronut King as Judge International Pastry Competition judge Dominique Ansel, of Cronut fame, inspects Sean Pera’s chocolate showpiece. (Photo by Tomas Vrzala)

  • Dessert in a Bottle

    Pastry Chef Juan Contreras of San Francisco’s highly acclaimed Atelier Crenn creates a dessert in a wine bottle that he says is all about Northern California, and includes hazelnut crumble, Concord grape gelée and white Port mousse. (Photo by Tomas Vrzala)

  • Odd Fellows

    One of the most memorable moments of the International Chefs Congress was when Sam Mason of Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co. in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, with friend and “ice cream lab” buddy Johnny Iuzzini, combined liquid nitrogen-frozen marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate in a blender…with the lid not on quite right. The freezing cold vapors escaped from the blender in a stream that surprised both Iuzzini and Mason, and blasted the camera man. (Photo by Tomas Vrzala)


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