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Renee Lo Iacono
Renee is an inspiring and motivating coach, consultant, speaker and author of Lucky Coincidence: The Uncommon Guide to Getting Coincidentally Lucky, from New York. To pre-order Lucky Coincidence or learn more, please visit

Collectively, she offers over a decade of sales, marketing, coaching and consulting experience and has worked with individuals and organisations across various industries. She coaches and consults top executives, business professionals, entrepreneurs, startups and individuals to help them reach more of their personal and professional goals.

Additionally, she brings up to 20 years of experience and personal achievement in the areas of healthy living, fitness, relationships, dating, sales, success, career transitions, lifestyle design, and personal as well as professional development.

After overcoming some of the same challenges many of us face in life–an unfulfilling career, a massive debt and general dissatisfaction with the life she had created–in late 2008 Renee left a lucrative pharmaceutical sales career to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling the world. Since then she has traveled to over 108 cities worldwide–many of which solo.

Some of the people Renee coaches include:

*Single and successful men and women who have been too focused on their careers to have a relationship or who want to take a more proactive approach in their love life in order to help them meet the right person

*Men and women who have recently been through a breakup or divorce to ease and empower them through this transitionary period

*Business professionals who want to transition out of the corporate world in order to start a business, pursue other lifestyle interests or who want to change career paths

*Results-oriented senior executives and high-potential managers in order to help them clarify and achieve their personal and professional goals with greater confidence and ease

*Sales representatives who want to improve their sales performance in order to maximise their bonuses

For more information about coaching, consulting or her new book, please visit or email Renee at You may also connect with Renee on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google+.

Entries by Renee Lo Iacono

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