03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Do Not Kill That Bill

You may have heard a lotta ugly kill-the-bill crap about our man and our progressive agenda - I just need to remind us all of a few points about this legislation:

- Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Truman, then Ted Kennedy (turned down a universal health care compromise plan Nixon offered cause it wasn't all Teddy and the Dems wanted and has regretted till the day he died this summer) have all NOT BEEN ABLE TO GET ANY HEALTH CARE PLAN that applies to people before retirement through this govt. The official line in this country is that health care is not a basic right: If you want it, its up to you. And we believe that's regressive.

- Our man Barack. Well, the public option? Was that not the sh*t that drew the flies, distracting the regressives, while there are quite a few MAJOR CHANGES THAT ARE IN BOTH THE SENATE AND THE HOUSE VERSIONS and will be hard to delete from this point forward such as:
- nobody can ever get kicked off their plans
- all health insurance companies who want to sell insurance to any American must sell it to the entire country, not state by state, county by county picking and choosing, with state regs being weak and less-than-best bureaucrats at the head of state agencies ever again, babe.
- deletes pre-existing condish regs
- no discrimination against gender, age, or present level of healthacity
- 90 cents of every premium buck goes to actual health care, not to profit or overhead.
- eliminates lifetime caps on coverage. Like if it cost $20g to put your elbow back in your arm after a speeding police car chasing a driver who'd given the cop the finger hit you, the next smashed elbow is on you. Unless its your next lifetime. So, this doesn't apply to reincarnationists. But, most of you, I'm pretty sure, have this one life and that's it, so...


And, truly, if we don't pass a Health Industry Reform bill, the Obama presidency will be very hard to make work. The midterm election will see defections - Possibly Repubs regaining Congress. (Although it doesn't seem like the Democrats are in control anyway, the numbers shifting even slightly towards the GOP and absolutely FORGET OUR PROGRESSIVE AGENDA.)

So, all of this is to say:
In New York City, we have called emergency phone bank today Saturday, and tomorrow, Sunday.
Last I heard, Harry Reid expects to call for cloture (ramp up to voting on the bill) late Sunday night, technically Monday at 1am. So these calls are of a critical nature.
I'd urge you'all to help out.
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