Don't Tell John Boehner

05/01/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I said it on Wednesday, and I'll say it again: the Republicans really are just a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry.

Thursday's summit proved it: They want to destroy Medicare, shovel money to insurance companies, and screw over the American people.

First we let the Gang of Six make the rules, then we let Olympia Snowe and Joe Lieberman have their turn. It got us nothing!

We need to let the majority make the rules. The public option passed in the House and it's time to force a vote in the Senate.

I liveblogged the summit at Daily Kos to make sure a strong pro-public-option voice was heard. Thousands of netroots activists joined my call to action and I want to thank everyone who took part.

A majority of Americans support the public option. The President supports a public option. A majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives support the public option. And thousands of supporters--from red and blue states--are standing with me at

So why are we negotiating with a bunch of obstructionist Republicans and trying to appease Joe Lieberman? I can't count a single vote this strategy has brought us.

It's time to govern like a real majority and get things done for the American people. I hope you'll join my call to action.