10/08/2010 02:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What One Nation Was (and Is) About


Last weekend, I joined upwards of 175,000 people at the One Nation rally in Washington. You could feel the electricity and excitement of the people. It looked like America -- black, browns, whites, yellows -- a beautiful mosaic united by a common dream to become one nation, working together.

There's no doubt there's much work to do: Millions of people are out of work. Families are struggling to put food on their tables; and many young people cannot pay for college or find employment. We've entered our 10th year in Afghanistan with our troops still in combat. For millions, the middle-class dream has been replaced by a middle-class squeeze.

But faith, hope and optimism have always defined the spirit of America. We've never needed it more. That's why my Democratic colleagues and I have been working hard with President Obama to make America work for everyone -- not just the privileged few. We're trying to make our nation safer and our economy fairer; to make health care and college more affordable; to energize America with energy independence; and to guarantee a dignified retirement for all Americans.

That's what the One Nation rally was about: A reminder of Dr. King's dream for justice and equality, for progress and prosperity, and to work together as one nation. And that's what I fight for everyday.

So don't give up, don't give out, don't give in -- because we're going to make it.


To listen to Rep. Rangel's real audio tweet on the rally, please click here.