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URGENT: Last Chance to Get a Better Tax Cut Deal

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Just a little while ago, I walked out of our Democratic Caucus meeting, and I have a major development on the tax cut debate:

We just voted -- almost unanimously -- AGAINST the Republican "compromise" that is a good deal for those who want to give tax cut bonuses to the wealthiest 2% of Americans, but is a bad deal for the economy and the middle class.

I'm so proud of my colleagues right now -- but unfortunately this vote isn't binding -- this was just a caucus vote. We need to push the rest of the House of Representatives to do the right thing, too.

Which is why I'm calling on my House colleagues to vote NO on the current "compromise" that forces us to accept deficit-busting tax cuts for Donald Trump if we want to keep the necessary tax cuts for the middle class and support for the enemployed we already have:

We have to remember: The House already passed a bipartisan plan for middle-class tax cuts. The House voted and passed them last week.

Now, the Republicans are just trying to take that away in a "compromise" that anchors tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans -- tax cuts that will add over $700 billion to our deficit -- to keeping tax cuts for the middle class, small business, and unemployment insurance.

It is a bad deal -- if we want to help the economy and the middle class and protect the unemployed, they are asking us to add billions to the deficit to give people like Donald Trump a tax bonus. And today I led my Democratic colleagues to say "NO." First, I joined Reps. McDermott and DeFazio in a letter to get a Democratic caucus vote. Then, today, we passed a motion in caucus to call on the House Democratic leadership to not move forward with the current "compromise" bill that is on the table right now.

This is our best chance to get a better deal for the middle class, the economy, and clean energy since President Obama made this "compromise" with the Republicans -- and we need to jump on it RIGHT NOW.

I need your immediate help: Sign our rapid-response petition: Tell the House to vote NO on the current deal -- and deficit-busting tax cuts for the wealthy. Keep the middle-class tax cuts we've already passed.

Go to now to sign.

If we stand up now, we have the power to get a better deal. Success will depend on support for this effort from people like you.

Do it now -- minutes count here -- and momentum is important. We need to push ahead while we're strong.

Thanks for your help.