Our Moral and Ethical Obligation to Stop the Genocide in the Sudan

05/25/2011 11:45 am ET
  • Rep. Jim McDermott Former United States Navy Psychiatrist. United States Congressman, Washington 7th. Senior Member House Budget Committee, Committee on Ways & Means. Ranking Member Health Subcommittee, Ways & Means.

Given the level of defense spending, it's fair to say that the United States has a few (thousand) military fighter jets parked on tarmacs around the world. Let's do something useful with them. Let's do something humanitarian with them. Let's do something long overdue by this President -- let's stop the genocide in Sudan's Darfur Region.

We know that hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died at the hands of a corrupt regime. We know that the government-Janjaweed often deploy helicopter gunships as their instrument of death. The U.S. has bigger gunships and faster jets. Let the U.S. declare a no-fly zone throughout Darfur. Let the U.S. declare its intention to stop the genocide.

The President has barely paid lip service to the mass slaughter of thousands, and the displacement of millions of African people. Well, I say, dispatch the fleet, launch the planes, and rally the world to accept our moral and ethical responsibilities to stop the slaughter and bring those responsible to justice. If we are to be a beacon of freedom and justice in the world, it's time to turn on the light.