01/31/2006 10:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The President Fails to Connect the Dots

If you hadn't lived in America over the last year, you might be taken in by the President's rhetoric. Instead of a speech, the President wanted a vote of confidence. He didn't get it.

This was the sixth time the President laid out his vision for the nation. It was the clearest indication yet that he does not see what his policies have done in America and in other parts of the world.

The President's rhetoric on Iraq is worn out and without foundation. The President's plan for Iraq has a cover page but no content. It's not working, but he persists in demanding support for his no-plan alternative, and stands by while those who ask questions are attacked in response.

With U.S. forces stretched to the brink, the President unveils a new threat to Iran. Bravado, not diplomacy, appears to be the President's new strategy for winning over the Iranian people and changing the direction of the Iranian government. It's not a winning strategy, but it is a troubling course.

Domestically, the President ignored the Middle Class and short changed the economic well being of the American people. He proposes to give more to the rich, while cutting health care for people in the middle. He is cutting America's hopes, aspirations and safety net to reward America's wealthiest. Tonight, millions of Americans are without health care, but the President disarms this national crisis. Millions of American children live in poverty, but the President overlooks their plight. And, millions of Americans fear they may never retire in dignity, yet the President ignores the threat, and does nothing to allay the real fear of Middle America.

The President reduced civil liberties -- the foundation of America -- to a chip he can play at will, on his own without any check and balance. The President calls it part of his strategy in the war on terror. Big Brother is a more accurate description.
The President's energy initiatives are not new and on their own will keep America addicted to oil. While prices keep rising and supplies keep falling, the President just keeps talking.
America's needs are readily apparent, but tonight the President failed to connect the dots.