Hillary Must Rescue Herself from the DLC

05/25/2011 12:20 pm ET

Victim abuse by outsiders is not the cause of Hillary's weeping. The primary reason for great lamenting is the fact that Senator Clinton is a captive of her own Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

Women are not always the automatic underdogs. Eve played an equal opportunity role in the original critical negotiations in Eden. Joan of Arc heard voices when frightened men were afraid to listen. Black Harriet Tubman operating the Underground Railroad in the savage days of slavery defined courage far better than any battlefield soldier. The French painter Delacroix's female Liberty Leading the People was a powerful symbol of radical change.

We Democratic voters and members of the Peace Movement are not unjustly persecuting the Senator. Rivers of tears have already been cried by all of us -- more women than men -- whose hearts have been broken by her behavior over the past five years. Her poor constituents in New York City are crying because in her earmarking decisions she chose to make them invisible. The Million Moms who marched to Washington demanding new gun laws are still waiting to hear her powerful continuous voice of support.

Legions of Hillary Clinton's former followers, women and men, held high hopes that she would announce some significant adjustment of her position on the Iraq War to justify their striving for a reconciliation with her. But she has remained chained to the neo-con influenced positions of the DLC.

Among Hillary's abandoned children tears flowing for much too long have now turned to brine. Most of her orphans now realize that the frantic attempts to reach her were made hopeless by her phalanx of DLC guards. Among her most trusted confidants there are too many super brains with wilted souls.

Contempt for inspiration and idealism. This is the mindset of the DLC. They are a combination of cold, career-mongering whiz kids and stubborn elderly conservatives who have never realized their mediocrity. What matters most is money. Play it safe and down the middle. Use your cash to drown the opposition. For them causes are merely cute puzzles and great ideas are cheap sparkling ornaments for speeches. Arrogance and insensitivity are trademarks of the DLC.

As we approach the January 21st Congressional Black Caucus Presidential debate it must be remembered that during the eight years of the Clinton administration the CBC often felt it was dealing with two White Houses. One was run by the Clintons; the other had been hijacked by the DLC. The earliest clash occurred when, during the controversial Lani Guinier nomination, the CBC requested a meeting with President Clinton and received a sharp reply: "The president will not meet with the CBC this week, next week, or any time during the foreseeable future." But a few days later a meeting at the White House was arranged.

Later, following an unfavorable ruling by the Supreme Court curbing affirmative action there was a noisy scramble at the White House to retreat from its established position on this vital issue. A direct appeal by the CBC to the President avoiding the DLC negative advocates resulted in a series of negotiations that concluded with: "Affirmative Action, Mend It Don't End It."

One of the Deans of the DLC, Secretary of Education Richard Riley, repeatedly issued long statements that insisted that school construction and modernization were matters to be left to state and local governments; while in a State of the Union Address, President Clinton called for funds to repair 5,000 schools and funds to build 6,000 new schools.

There are numerous other examples of the split personality syndrome created at the White House by the DLC. The Clintons often made important corrections but when she moved to the Senate Hillary retained too many of these energetic masters of the status quo. She appears to be blind to the trail of bitterness their mischief often leaves behind. Howard Wolfson, a close confidant, announced that he felt duty bound in the Summer of 2006 to join a congressional campaign in Brooklyn where a DLC favorite son, David Yassky, had changed his residence and moved into a Voting Rights District with a million and a half campaign dollars. Appeals to Hillary requesting a statement of policy support for the intended minority representation purpose of the Voting Rights Law were never answered.

At that same time, a DLC White House graduate, now a powerful force in the House leadership circle, Rahm Emmanuel, publicly advocated a reduction of minority representation standards in the Voting Rights Districts from 60 per cent to 35 per cent. Shoving aside the legacy of the Civil Rights struggle he insists that Blacks should compete like they did before Martin Luther King.

No one can beat the Clintons in sincere equal opportunity socializing -- and this is greatly appreciated by the Black community. But when the DLC phalanx around her prevents the emergence of a high level advisor who knows the difference between two famous Black heroines of history, Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman, there is an inevitable erosion of that admiration.

Barack Obama entered a neglected mine filled with precious ore which the DLC drones had no capacity to detect. Among the diverse troops who march with Obama fund-raising has not been rejected as irrelevant; however, it has not been assigned the exalted position of the eighth wonder of the world. Hillary is surrounded by troops who prematurely froze into mindsets of cynicism. Her advisors came of age out of the reach of the voices of John and Robert Kennedy. They prefer to become masters of the world as it is -- and take no risks in a struggle to make the world what it ought to be. Hillary must rescue herself from the DLC.