11/09/2010 11:49 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Speaker Pelosi: The Heroine Who History Will Salute

The totally unforgivable sin of Joan of Arc was that she beat the mighty English in a battle. She had to be a witch. They burned her at the stake but history has lifted Joan to the exalted position of saint.

When the present national panic subsides Nancy Pelosi will emerge as the greatest Speaker of the House. The media's "grand inquisitors" will inevitably have to yield to reason and the hard record of truth. Speaker Nancy Pelosi got important things done. Through difficult minefields she maneuvered a legislative revolution. No matter what the biased pundits say the passage of national health care legislation was a historic achievement. The banking regulation and consumer protection bill is of equal importance. New health care coverage for children was enacted along with unprecedented benefits for veterans. And the list goes on.

The shock of a credit card addicted middle America awakening to the fact that it had allowed itself to be swindled by Wall Street created a tsunami of misdirected fury. Of course the victims are not totally blameless. The greed for farm subsidies, agriculture loans, low rates for grazing on federal land, oil industry subsidies, and the support for two costly wars are very much components of the economic storm. Over the last few decades taxpayer funds have flowed out of the urban coastal areas into the tea party heartland. New Mexico receives more federal aid per capita than the two poverty stricken congressional districts in New York.

Nancy Pelosi knows the nation from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Her brand of wisdom and experience is in short supply in Washington. Of still greater importance is her unmatched ability to herd an extremely diverse Democratic Caucus into a courageous unity on vital legislation. Probably her pursuit of fairness is her great weapon of success. She is as liberal as any member of the Congressional Black Caucus and yet she has been able to greatly influence the participation of the Blue Dogs. Ahead of all the talking heads, long ago Pelosi discovered that compromise is the key to governing productively. Within a few months the winds of panic will begin to subside. Before the 2012 election the nation will see clearly the greatness of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.