02/07/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday School Lesson: Life After Shopping


Enticing difficulties await us, children, in the Life After Shopping. Yes, with a feeling of heady freedom we face the void of the night sky, and gape at the beauty of it, and then notice that the stars have become little derisively laughing faces...

You see, children, when the billboard disappears, then we find that nature was waiting directly behind it, and a terrible storm is brewing. A tsunami is more than a slap in the face. The earth is not necessarily social. We Americans might discover that soon, as we awaken from our consumption stupor. The earth was not shopping with us. The earth loves our music but hates our traffic. Oh god help us, enticing difficulties await us in the Life After Shopping.

The relief is that we now have a reunion with our long lost relative, the Fabulous Unknown. The night sky rushes in after the billboard fades. Can we fathom what this is? We are the prodigal children, returning to our loving home after years lost zonked in a super mall. We are waking from years of product-drunkenness and we want to return to that wonder, like when we were kids and looked up and had that jolting moment of - THIS UNIVERSE IS BIGGER AND DEEPER THAN... than anything... wow...

The stars might be laughing at us, children. It's alright. Your pastor advises: Don't worry about it, just pray with it. And we don't stand on ceremony here because we noticed the earth doesn't. A prayer might be the split second hopeful thought that you have while spitting. That's OK. We need to be glad that we're back and get to work. The universe will make fun of us or seem to ignore us, but remain more impossibly beautiful than your latest shopping binge... Mostly, the earth expects us to get to work saving ourselves.

Life After Shopping is what we all want, if it's not too late. Death While Shopping seemed so inevitable for so long. ...Blessings and Wildness! -Rev