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6 People Who Have Made Work-Life Balance Work

Posted: 10/05/11 03:24 PM ET

What happens when your job just doesn't fit with your life? To mark National Work and Family Month we're looking at inspiring people who have successfully reinvented their jobs to make sense with their lives.

Chrysula Winegar has been chronicling some of these people in her Work Life Stories series, and we've picked out six of our favorites.

Books and Babies: Amy Jameson
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Amy Jameson spent seven years at a high-profile literary agency in New York, working with acclaimed authors like Michael Crichton, Tom Wolfe, Joan Didion and President Jimmy Carter. When she was pregnant with her first child, Amy was laid off. In addition to the sudden income dilemma, her husband was freelancing, which made health insurance an urgent problem, especially with a burgeoning family on the way.

Thinking it unlikely she'd get hired for a new role while planning for more than one child in the long term, but knowing she couldn't possibly chose between work and family, Amy decided an independent agency could fill the gap for income and professional connection. She and her husband Brandon started A+B Works, with Amy working from home, and used a freelancer's association to secure coverage at such a critical time.

The business had grown in tandem with the family. She doesn't put in 9-5 days, but rather fits in work at intermittent times throughout the day and after the kids have gone to sleep. Such a schedule doesn't leave much room for leisure, but it allowed Amy to design a life that accommodates both work and family.

"I am happy I chose a path that has let me really enjoy this time that my children are young while it lasts," says Amy. "I am really able to be both full-time mother and part-time literary agent."

Read more about Amy's Work Life story.


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