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Rhiana Maidenberg

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Top 10 Parenting New Year's Resolutions

Posted: 01/04/12 04:55 PM ET

Last year I made a considerable New Year's resolution -- to stop judging other parents. It was a good goal, and for the most part I succeeded in curbing this ugly behavior. This year I didn't have a large objective. Since I have made the decision to embrace my non-perfect parenting, there were no extensive ways I wanted to change my mothering skills. So, over the past week I have been reflecting on small, minor changes that I could easily implement to make my life as a mom more rewarding and less exasperating.

1. Bundle Up
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I resolve to force my toddler to wear a coat when the thermometer reads 50 degrees or below. Even though I have resolved not to judge other's parenting, most of the other moms at the playground did not. And, I am a bit tired of receiving judgmental stares whenever Maisy climbs up the play-structure dressed in her favorite purple Hello Kitty t-shirt on days when all the other kids are sporting hats and mittens.


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