It's Getting Hot -- And Polluted -- In New York City Again

08/04/2010 03:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Rich Kassel Senior attorney, directs NRDC's clean vehicles and fuels project


It's getting hot in New York City again.  And that means the ozone levels are going up again.

Visit NRDCs Switchboard BlogFrom Memorial Day to the end of July, New York City has had 27 Air Quality Alert days, blowing away the past record.  In a typical year, we have five Air Quality Alert days from Memorial Day to July 31.

It's been hot, and it's been polluted.

The word from my kids' camp is that it's too hot to be outside today, so they are headed to an indoor sports place.  The indoor spot is pretty cool - it has a climbing wall, lots of indoor sports stuff, and so on.  But what a shame that, for the umpteenth time this summer, they are leaving their outdoor camp, with its pool, lake, fields, and trees to play indoors.

Too much heat, and too much pollution for the developing lungs of small children.  Uggh.

And yes, there's more of this in their future, not less...especially so long as the US and the world cannot agree on how to effectively cut global warming pollution.

But, to stick to my topic for today...the heat and the pollution in NYC this summer...

My regular readers know that I write an environment column over at the Gotham Gazette, a great source of NYC political and policy news.  Today's column is about NYC pollution levels and how New Yorkers can best arm themselves against our heat-driven ozone pollution levels.

It's an expanded version of the brief Switchboard item that I posted here recently.  If you are interested in this topic (or just want a break from the climate and energy debates or the Gulf oil spill), please click here to read it.

Stay cool, stay dry.